john c. deck vs. berlinwood nm (brr trucks)

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john c decks or berlinwood nm

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john c. deck vs. berlinwood nm (brr trucks)

Post  Evan E. on Tue Sep 29 2009, 07:35

ok so i ordered brr trucks and winkler brr editions, and idk what to throw em on. i love my john c. deck, so like porb that deck. but idk yet. let me know, jc deck or bwnm


[09:07:04] ♣️†Elijah♣️† : evan those lil lights on the rail was cool.
[09:07:25] @ Evan E. : thanks dude. it took 3 hours to put all those lights up and 2 power outages in the lights.
Evan E.
Evan E.

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Re: john c. deck vs. berlinwood nm (brr trucks)

Post  deletemeoffthisforum on Wed Sep 30 2009, 06:35

bw nm

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