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Post  toastycornflakes on Wed Dec 09 2009, 02:11

I don't know how many reviews have been done on Cuatros, but I thought it deserved one.


Well, I can't say too much about the shipping, because I bought it used from Home_Skillet, but I will say that Home_Skillet is legit, bought it Saturday, shipped Monday, arrived on Thursday. And he sent it in a bubble mailer, thanx skillet.


The shape of the Cuatro is really nice. I don't know the model though. It has a nice, medium concave, which is perfect for flips. The kicks are also at a nice height, not too high, which I like a lot. The dips are very defined (at least a lot more than on mine), which makes it very stylish and great for knowing where to flick off.

Overall shape rating- 9/10

The only other thing about the shape I should mention is that it is slightly warped, :/ but it doesn't affect performance at all.


Great exotic bottom ply, nice lacquer coating, nice thickness to the board, and, yeah, the plies look very nice.

Overall style rating- 7.5/10


Well, it literally took me like a minute to set up. Perfectly drilled kingpin holes, and screw holes. The concave on the board doesn't affect how easy it is to get the baseplate on, which is a problem with some boards.

And now, some pictures-

Cuatro Review DSCF0020-1

Cuatro Review DSCF0022-1

Another thanks to Home_Skillet.

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Post  Mason M on Sun Dec 20 2009, 04:43

Shape is the spicy mold. Look nice! Though Im not a huge fan of highish kicks.
Mason M
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