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my heart goes out...

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my heart goes out... Empty my heart goes out...

Post  Evan E. Sun Feb 12 2012, 14:53

hey guys,

basically, i have put the gear away for a while. i finally found all my ramps and boards and i am messing with them now. i want everybody here to know that i may be back...i may not be. i miss the game and miss the site. if anybody needs me for anything here, shoot me an email at once again, my heart goes out to everybody who has kept their heart in the game. it is hard to do. also, a special thanks to everybody who has been on the site and stayed loyal. hell of a fingerboarder and hell of a member!



[09:07:04] ♣️†Elijah♣️† : evan those lil lights on the rail was cool.
[09:07:25] @ Evan E. : thanks dude. it took 3 hours to put all those lights up and 2 power outages in the lights.
Evan E.
Evan E.

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